Jonathan Poritsky

What Put Me to Sleep Last Night

Sleep Mix Album Covers

I know playlists are so 2002, but hell, what do I care? Here’s the playlist that lulled me to sleep for a few hours before I awoke to my fast-paced Manhattanite lifestyle.

Overture Selmasongs Björk
Postcards From Far Away Prospekt’s March EP Coldplay
Take Off Your Cool (feat. Norah Jones) Speakerboxx/The Love Below OutKast
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. Illinois Sufjan Stevens
Sodom, South Georgia Our Endless Numbered Days Iron & Wine
La Plage Les Retrouvailles Yann Tiersen
Yesterday Help! [UK] The Beatles
The Scientist [Live] Lost In Space Special Edition (Disc 2) Aimee Mann
Canceled Check Mutations [IMPORT] Beck
All Of My Life But Seriously Phil Collins

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