Jonathan Poritsky

What Put Me to Sleep Last Night

Sleep Mix Album Covers

I know playlists are so 2002, but hell, what do I care? Here’s the playlist that lulled me to sleep for a few hours before I awoke to my fast-paced Manhattanite lifestyle.

Overture Selmasongs Björk
Postcards From Far Away Prospekt’s March EP Coldplay
Take Off Your Cool (feat. Norah Jones) Speakerboxx/The Love Below OutKast
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. Illinois Sufjan Stevens
Sodom, South Georgia Our Endless Numbered Days Iron & Wine
La Plage Les Retrouvailles Yann Tiersen
Yesterday Help! [UK] The Beatles
The Scientist [Live] Lost In Space Special Edition (Disc 2) Aimee Mann
Canceled Check Mutations [IMPORT] Beck
All Of My Life But Seriously Phil Collins

Review: Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Viva La VidaWhile I don’t usu­ally veer off from review­ing films or books, I fig­ured this new album would be worth my two pence since, after all, Coldplay makes some reli­ably cin­e­matic music.

I remem­ber 2000’s “Parachutes” album from the soon-to-be pop stars Coldplay. In one fell swoop those Brits invaded our shores and front­man Chris Martin stole many of our girl­friends with his ruggedi­zed nerdy white boy swag­ger. Damn them, I said as a high school sopho­more; they’re music is too girly. I’ll just sit over here and jam out to Lit or Blink 182 because I’m so cool. As quickly as the group became chic it became even more-so to hate on them.

But the truth is they’re amaz­ing, that album in par­tic­u­lar. Read on…